Messi New Look

Messi New Look Messi New Haircut

Messi New Haircut

Messi New Look
Lionel Messi is not a man known for paying much attention to their image – certainly not compared to other players who will compete for the status of world’s best player.

Messi may be just the height of narcissism – but that has not stopped him from getting a new makeover natty face the new La Liga season.

New barnet the Barcelona star gives head an aerodynamic look, with a badly-shaven back and sides complemented with his usual fluffy pompadour on top.

Perhaps the gravity of the haircut was how to overcome anxiety final World Cup Messi. He almost single-handedly dragged Argentina to the final before next Losta Alejandro Sabella nailbiting final 1-0 to Germany in extra-time.Chopping out one of the blocks is a time-honored way of responding to distress – short hair is fashionable in the time between Hollywood celebrities.

How did the players of Barcelona to the anti-Messi as Rapunzel gesture remains unknown. If the master ball player keeps his amazing performances for Barcelona this season, is unlikely to give a hair’s notice.

Messi New Look