Naidu Seeks Assistance Of Rs. 2000 crore ; Hudhud Attacked

Naidu Seeks Assistance Of Rs. 2000 crore ; Hudhud Attacked

Cyclone Hudhud

Andhra Pradesh CM loss of digital images on a “national disasterand an adhoc pending Rs.2,000 million requests for assistance to assess the devastation caused by the Severe Cyclonic Storm, Hudhud treatment centers have emotions.

Next spoke to him on the telephone and all help from the Centre to deal with the situation, the Chief Minister assured Mr. Naidu Minister Narendra Modi wrote a letter to this effect.

Three people crossed the coast near Hudhud Pudimadaka in Visakhapatnam, Visakhapatnam as cyclones and the fall of the Wall and the Seven srikantabati district bore the brunt of the devastation were no dead trees uprooted.

Visakhaptnam, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam and East Godavari district of 44 320 villages have been attacked either. The team has been deployed to more than 24 ndRF 1:35 million people, has been transferred from the relief camp. Authorities deployed six helicopters and 56 boats / launches and 155 medical teams pressed affected districts. Two army columns have been deployed too.

50-year-old woman, while eliminating the board when the Mandal Anakapalli, Palavalasa village Mangart Yerrayya (58 years), were killed Mandal Padmanabhan, G. Kondrat Panchvati died in the collapse of the wall. Both incidents occurred in Visakhaptnam. In another incident, when I wipe him with a foam board, ganta Yoganadham (45): Sant Mandal‘s Gandapeta village died.

Mr. Naidu was in the middle of a press conference when he reviewed the latest situation with Chief Secretary IYR Krishna Rao Mr. Narendra Modi and other top officials came to call. Thanks to Mr Modi, he said, “India is a very well done sir. Said,” she posted on her progress, he will hold up for the loss of this evening informed Visakhapatnam. He hit him in the analyzer, and the rescue and rehabilitation measures will be assured.

Mr. Naidu Centre is to help enhance and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Cabinet Secretary praised the State Government was in regular contact with, even as he spoke to him last night.

CM, if necessary, the next two to three days of relief and rehabilitation measures Oversea camp at Visakhapatnam and was restored to normal, he said. He declared the Janmabhoomi and the mother has been suspended for the next two days Vooru programs and deputy senior IAS officer was being attacked may harm hit districts.

Relief and rehabilitation measures will be taken to the mobile and normal recovery was assured by the loss of men and materials. Complete loss of communication with the surrounding area and Visakhapatnam, Mr Naidu held a meeting with the telecom service providers to restore them to their emotions hurt and said to the old.

Earlier, Chief Secretary to remain indoors after a few hours of quiet, intense rains and heavy winds from the evening will be to people Visakhaptnam and other affected districts. Due to the intensity of the winds uprooted trees and electricity poles in many places the damage.

Meanwhile, the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) Visakhaptnam set off a wave rider buoy registered significant (average) wave height of 7.5 meters on Sunday morning was at 0830. There was a tendency to reduce the wave height and 5.2 meters in the afternoon.

However, it’s 1730, almost 9.4 meters high waves of the wave height to achieve maximum value and then in terms of the loss is to be vigilant and will continue until the end of the day. Automatic Weather Station INCOIS said RVS board a research vessel stationed in the harbor of Visakhapatnam at 1130 hours, a wind speed of 177 KMPH registered.

Naidu Seeks Assistance Of Rs. 2000 crore ; Hudhud Attacked