Narendra Modi Got Historic Reception at Madison Square

Narendra Modi Got Historic Reception at Madison Square

Narendra Modi Got Historic Reception at Madison Square

Today, I say thanks to everyone,” Modi said, and I assure you will not have to do anything to get frustrated.” His thank-you notes came with a few goodies.

One, a person of Indian origin (PIO) card holders will be given a visa for their whole life.

Two remain in India for a long time, people at the police station to make a report.

Three, measures problems experienced by those with non-American Indian spouses will be from start to finish. Indian origin and overseas Indian card will soon be merged into one.
Four, to be paid for the tourist visa on arrival.

Location, outsourced consular services will be expanded.

Narendra Modi Got Historic Reception at Madison Square

Happy?” Modi repeatedly Modi, Modi,came at the end of a speech interrupted by chants of, which is the first measure, after being announced, sending the packed venue.

Dressed in a yellow kurta and waistcoat peach, the Prime Minister is now on its fourth day, just warm water, one strain showed the Navratri fast.

It was packed with fans from 49 states of the USA 50 power feeding iconic Manhattan venue, Modi was alcohol at the podium.

Just in the middle of their own re-election campaign was also a lot of people for many lawmakers, stunned the world with a huge electoral victory of a man, listen to who.

As PM, he traveled to India to campaign for him or her, and here was supported by the BJP, its supporters, many of whom thanked.

Seshadri Kumar, who publishes a community paper,, Houston, Texas came all the way to the reception. I could have stayed home and watched TV,” he said.

But this was a historic event, and he wanted to be there.

Acutely aware of the importance of the event, Modi was quick to recognize and why they choose the right has been removed from the report, and thank them for their support.

His vision, his plans, his goals and ambitions of the PM with India, explained, India is home to tell the audience.

You have chosen to leave any stone unturned in developing the country,” Modi said, The government will be successful in fulfilling all of our aspirations.”

And here’s why, he said. India can not be stopped. Democracy, and the demographic dividend (as consumers) needs: We recognize that India and the world will be present, in which there are three unique qualities.

When he was selling tea has been said that in a speech repeatedly interrupted by cheers and applause, for the longest time there was triumph.

Narendra Modi Got Historic Reception at Madison Square