Neymar Is Coming To The Big Club

┬áDani Alves: ” Neymar is very happy, he is coming to the big club”

Neymar Is Coming To The Big Club

Neymar Is Very Happy

Neymar Is Coming To The Big Club. Brazilian left back, yes, FC Barcelona Neymar congratulated for joining. “I spoke with him and he was very happy that he is coming to Barcelona are a great club and he knows that you know how much this team can be,” Alves said.

Calculated decision

Alves FC Barcelona Neymar’s arrival would be beneficial for both parties believe that. “He Barcelona, he will have to improve as a person and a professional coming to a place where you do not know that., He gets here, he’ll see this when this club is the best club for him, treats his players that do not know better. Hopefully we all him so then he can help us to [adjust] can help, “Alves said.

Within the grasp of the best Derby, recorded 100 points

On this evening, the victory of the Catalan derby, Barcelona Blaugrana in the game began to be highlighted. “I think we had a really good start., It had to do to win,” he said. This victory of the Spanish league, Barcelona is a challenge to find a record 100 points, Alves will not give up the fight for the team, he said: “It is our purpose, motivates us to win 100 points., It is a big club’s history books to write another page have the opportunity. ”

Neymar Is Coming To The Big Club